Online auditions

Online auditions have never been easier; not only to cast Actors, but also to select Candidates for quizzes or reality shows or any other possible category. In The Picture includes features like dynamically configurable questionnaires and stages to be entered by the crew in self-definable categories like ‘first impression’, ‘first telephone follow-up’, ‘first live show’, and so on, which proves the flexibility of the system. You can use the software for each project in many different ways. For example, various data types can be entered; not only plain text, numbers, dates or multiple choice questions, but online videos or images can be requested as well. It's also possible to add your own photos of their performances to their profiles.

Available anywhere

With your login, you have access to In The Picture on several devices. And you can use In The Picture in different places too: at the office, at the film set, at home or even in different countries. The platform offers a clear oversight for you and all your colleagues working simultaneously on a (co)production, wherever you are. Searching for Actors, (Featured) Extras, Candidates, Audiences or locations, vehicles, animals,... and keeping track of all these bookings was never easier. In The Picture is available in multiple languages and more can always be added on demand.

Ready to go database

You can start today using our ready-to-go database! Because of this large and general available database, there is no need to hire an external casting agent; you can do it all by yourself. Even if you are shooting in another country, our database offers a wide range of people whom you can contact directly for a job. When looking for talent in whatever country, there is always one platform to rely on.

Private database

Using forms integrated on your website or share via social media, people can subscribe to your own personal database. Many types of forms are available, direct database, for specific roles or auditions, audiences, ... It is also possible to add profiles manually. Next, you can decide for yourself whom you consider an ‘Actor’ or create other labels in various self-defined categories. We provide a diversity of tools to manage your database with extensive features for production companies, casting directors and many more.


As not a single production is the same, In The Picture has many different tools and workflows available. Casting Actors or Candidates, managing Extras or larger Audiences demands their own unique set of features, which we provide.

Web Integration

With our software, you can create dynamically configurable subscription forms for Castings, Extras, Candidates, Audiences and more, which can be integrated on your own website or share on social media. We provide a custom look and feel. People who subscribe, will be registered in your own private database.

Video & media archive

Not only can people upload photos or videos to their profiles, you can add your own media, like casting videos, as well without sharing it with the profile owner. This way, it is possible to browse quickly through all the material and share information with a director or client, to let them decide which profile fits their project best.

And more....

There are many more features and solutions available. Contact us and find out how we can help you!

We have years of expertise and a long list of happy customers. 2080 production companies and casting agencies use In The Picture.