• Online Casting Software
    All your information in
    one place at all times!
    In The Picture is the cloud based
    casting solution for filmmakers who need
    to find & manage Actors, Extras,
    Candidates, Audiences, ...

    In your search you will be helped
    by our various set of tools and
    ready to go extensive database.

In The Picture is the online casting solution for casting directors!

In The Picture helps you manage Actors Extras Candidates Audiences and is easy to use.

Ready to go database

Actors, Extras, Candidates, a full Audience,...: we have got the database and the tools. Go and try it yourself!

Fully integrated

The In The Picture platform can both be integrated in your work environment as on your website, social media,...


Our platform will assist you in the best way possible and automate many parts of your daily work.

Private database

Create your own private database. Let people subscribe on your website or create profiles manually.

Customer Support

Can't find someting or did you get lost in all the available options? Don't worry, we will gladly help you out.

Internal messaging

Using our internal messaging system, you can reach people more easily while keeping track of the context.

Available anywhere

The platform is available on multiple devices, in multiple countries & languages. Regions and languages can be added on demand.

Video & media

Solutions for online video castings and for archiving your own video castings and pictures.

And much more...

Click here to find out more on our information page. From financial overview to contract and document automation, we provide it all.

We're not the only ones excited happy about In The Picture...

2080 production companies and casting agencies use In The Picture.